NW MN Multi-County HRA
205 Garfield Avenue
PO Box 128
Mentor, MN 56736
(218) 637-2431 | Phone
(218) 637-2433 | Fax

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The HRA is a public non profit entity.  All funds donated will be used in creating housing and community development opportunities and is 100% tax deductible!

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Our Mission

To improve the lives of residents in our service area through affordable housing and community development.

Our Vision

To be an innovative leader, creating affordable housing opportunities and strengthening northwest Minnesota communities

Seeking Applicants!

The HRA is currently seeking applicants for the rent assistance program! All you have to do is click here to download our application and mail it to PO Box 128 | Mentor, MN 56736 or fax it to 218-637-2433. It's that easy!


Need Assistance Paying your Rent?

The Housing Authority is here to help!

Rent Assistance FAQ ButtonIf you are looking to choose your own housing or get assistance in your current residence, you might be interested in Section 8.  The first thing that must be done is to complete and return an application to our office.  This application would be placed on our waiting list.  Once the application comes to the top of the waiting list, paperwork would be done to ensure the applicant qualifies for the program.  The prospective unit the applicant would like to live in would need to be inspected by the Housing Authority and must meet our standards.  Tenants on the Section 8 program pay 30-40% of their adjusted monthly income towards rent and utilities and the HRA pays the balance.